Doc Sims Piano
Music and Lyrics by Dick Sims


My brother, Dick Sims, wrote this song in 1960 when he was in high school.  It has a haunting melody and beautiful lyrics.  Timeless!


If you knew how much I love you

You would know as time goes by

That my love is true and tender

And would never ever die


If you knew that I am with you

You would know you're not alone

That nobody else could matter

And my heart is yours alone


My darling

I love you

More than leaves on every tree

More than stars way up in heaven

More than anything could ever be


If you knew how much I miss you

You would know that I would be

Yours and only yours forever

That's how much you mean to me


Our love is for eternity

Doc Sims Piano
Lyrics by Edith Piaf, Music by Marguerite Monnot


Edith Piaf first sang this song at the cabaret Versailles in New York on September 14, 1949.  It was written for the love of her life, the French boxer, Marcel Cerdan On October 27, 1949 Cerdan was killed in a plane crash on his way from Paris to New York to see her.  She recorded the song on May 2, 1950. The lyrics are as gorgeous as the melody . . . but I'm not a vocalist.  Therefore, I want the piano to be as lyrical as possible.


If the sun should tumble from the sky

If the sea should suddenly run dry

If you love me, really love me

Let it happen, I won’t care


If it seems that everything is lost

I should smile and never count the cost

If you love me, really love me

Let it happen, darling, I won’t care


Shall I catch a shooting star?

Shall I bring it where you are?

If you want me to, I will

You can set me any task

I’ll do anything you ask

If you’ll only love me still


When at last our life on earth is through

I shall share eternity with you

If you love me, really love me

Then whatever happens, I won’t care


Then whatever happens, I won’t care

Doc Sims Piano
Music by Marvin Hamlisch, Lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager


This is the theme music from the 1979 popular retro-flick CHAPTER TWO. I recorded the piano track in 2011 and added additional instruments the following year for color.  It's a mystery to me why the song never attained the popularity of other Marvin Hamlisch compositions.

Doc Sims Piano
Composed by Robert Schumann